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Thank You For My Life

Searching for spiritual truth after Cancer - my story.  BIO

Touching the hand of spirit

Discovered My Psychic Medium Gifts

1990 Spiritual Church, 1994 Book "Two Worlds"   Explaining we all have Psychic Gifts and how to develop Spiritually.

Writing Books a Life-Long Passion

Writing careful notes of my experiences and your stories for all my books - and the purpose of this web site!

Nancy's Books and Upcoming

Book: Two Worlds

A short Bio of childhood and prediction death of father, Marriage, Cancer.  Early experiences of "Psychic Happenings" and later awakening it again in 1990. Go to Books: Two Worlds:

Book: Help!

Client called me often of the turmoil in her life with boyfriend and job crisis.  One day she called and said, "Help! Me Out of this Funk!"  I give a Bio, her story 'in conversation with me' and at the end of the book, "The Play of Life."

Book: The Unwilling Sacrifice

Surviving a mid-plains Tornado, a young woman changes her life and moves to Tacoma WA to live with her Grandma.  Unaware  that an Ancient Indian Lore would challenge her sanity and her very life.

Book: The Ghostly Wife

He fell instantly in love with the dancing  woman, her red hair flowing in the wind.  Courtship, marriage and living in New York, she sells her art.  Septic infections kills her quickly: but, her comes back to paint.  The Man has to deal with "His Ghostly Wife" and those thinking he has become insane. 

Book: Sky Rip

Young man goes to Africa to work for cleaner water.  Marries the Chief's Daughter and they have a child.  Her old Grandmother sees child has a gift of intuiting music she gifts her a child-size piano.  10 years later Family lives in US, her songs and music are creating sky ripples and then rips within feet around her!  Her curiosity to investigate a rip to a  parallel universe!   

Book: Afterlife: Ghosts

In 1990 I acknowledged that life continues and Spirits exists.  Spirit chooses the Afterlife, yet those who do not becomes a "Ghost" that can torment and can decide to attach to the living.  Hitchhikers can alter your personality, or make you question your sanity with Possession.   


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