Sky Rip

Inspiration: from an unlikely Source

My long-time desire to sing combined with my living in beautiful rolling hills community of Hornbrook, California; came to a story line as I was standing on our deck looking at Mt. Shasta and I casually broke out with a crackly tune.  Suddenley I felt that I was going to break this beautiful view. Well, a story shortly came after that of a girl who could sing such a tone to spontaneously rip space around her.  This idea continued to resonate and over a few months an entire book was written in my mind.  I look forward to telling this story and to give you something to ponder.

Chapters: The Start of a Grand Adventure

Jade is born to American Engineer and a Princess of a local Nomadic Chief.  Jade's Father Bruce is of English/Irish descent on assignment to set up solar watering stations in the vast deserts of Egypt.  He has met his future wife is a staturesque Egyptian with deep mahogany skin and black hair. Jade is born with a blend of coloring from both parents; her hair is wavy dark brown and deep blue eyes on a tall 5'10" frame.

From her Dad she inherited a technical mind and her mother an ability to compose and sing music.    

Her Father notices Jade would always be singing no matter what activity she was in.  As a gift for her 8th Birthday he gives her a child-size piano.   Jade composes mystical music and sees strange colors when she plays her piano.  

Fifteen years pass since Jade's birth and the family moves back to the US and settle in the open desert of Southern Tucson, Arizona.  They settle in a community at the fringe of the development with a house opening to bike trails, hiking and vase land scape views.

One night sitting with her boyfriend on her house roof, he listens to her newly composed song on her tape recorder.  Seconds later they scream as the sky suddenly rips open around them.

Their screams are heard by Mom in the kitchen and she races to Jade's attic bedroom.  Looking out the small window to her left where Jade often sits on a platform on the pitched roof made by her Dad, Mom sees Jade hanging from a rip of sky emitting an unusual shade of pink.  Jade's arm is almost invisible in this tear in space.  Her boyfriend is jumping up and down screaming for her to let go.  He pushes Mom inside so he can climb down to run outside to catch Jade as she is being carried across open space by this 'Sky Rip'.

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