Help! Get Me out of This Funk!


Written in 2004 first presented at the Sacramento Convention Center with a book signing.  Gave a couple of lectures with over 250 attendees.  Gave 75 Sessions in the 3-Day Event - If you attended and talked to me please reach out and say hello!  E-mail me at

Do you Need this Book?

Can't get motivated? In an uncontrollable funk? Feeling like there's a weight holding you down? Read of Debbie's struggle and awakening to her own power for success. Learn self-motivating tips and goals to apply to your life and for your own success story. A chapter dedicated to "Talking to our Angels" is a delicate balance of receiving help and exercising "Free Will." 

Help - Chapters info

Wrote this book to be fast read .... first couple pages my Bio. 

Section One: Debbie's Session of being stuck, picking the wrong Man multi jobs putting her in a Funk.  Giving her tools to understand and recover from issues and how to refocus her life. 

Section Two:  Lecture Staying Vertical in a Horizontal World.

Section Three: Talk to our Angels

Section Four: The Play of Life. 

Blog Talk Radio January 17, 2009

 Great Show! Talk of Time Access and the "Funk"

Testimony by Dawn

"As I read of Debbie's frustration and eventual revelations, I immediately identified with that moment of feeling stalled and not knowing how to get started again.  The truth of her struggle is so universal that Debbie's process of learning can applied in nearly all situations, and Nancy's unique look at how we use these experiences to enrich our lives can lead to a transcendent experience."

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