Ghosts and Hitchhikers

What do you know about Ghosts?

Being a Psychic Medium since 1990 has enabled me to conduct sessions and platform talks talking and describing spirit family, friends and those who wish to be recognized.  

Those people who pass  on and are afraid, alarmed to be judged, or have unfinished business, will not allow their spirit family to help them to pass over... they can become "Ghosts."

If a person passes over with unfinished business or angry that they feel cheated of life, they can become insane or worse a demon-life ghost. 

These are the ghosts that haunt our homes our lives and even our dreams.  If they cannot resolve their anger and start to blame those who harmed their emotional psychical life - then they can become the "Possessor."  

A ghost that possesses a living being can cause alarm and sense of insanity and needs to be carefully evaluated and through therpy understand why this individual ghost came to them.

On the flip side a spirit can become a ghost and haunt or possess a loved one, a addicted individual, or someone of talent or career where they did not fulfill their life dreams.

This is the focus of this book, what and how this happens, how to stop this if you notice something strange happening and lastly how not to become one yourself!

Topics and a few Chapters

In this book I will discuss: 


All sorts of Hitchhikers, stories and drawings. How to recognize a possible attachment, Intervention for someone who has a ghost attached and then how to get rid of this lost soul! and for you: Setting up the right emotional state to not become a Hitchhiker yourself!"

There will be some "tall tales and spirit stories" that will be told to accompany spirit/ghost drawings.

A few Chapters:

Are You Living with a Ghost or a Spirit?

Doing an investigation - Voice Recordings

Lots of Great Ghost Links

Your Resident Ghost

Ghosts or Elementals

John Bettencourt Old City Cemetery

Cemetery Tours

Rocklin California Cemetery Tours

Ghosts - Earth Bound (Rescues) Attachments

Animal Spirits

Tall Tales and Spooky Stories

Seeing is Believing

To Cross the Boundaries of the "Veil"

Talking to these Spirits/Ghosts

Spirit Drawings

How to do your own Drawings

Spirits or Angels?

Asking for a Psychic /Medium Session

How NOT to become a Ghost!

Do You Have a Story?

Send me a story if you'd like me to consider for this book.  Include your name as you'd like me to show in book.  Give me a permission statement to use your story.  Please e-mail me at  or e-mail from my other site 


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The other show as a guest I really had a good time was with George Lopez 

We did investigations of various places all across the United States.  Please look up those shows 2012 and 2013.

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