The Unwilling Sacrifice

The Dream that became this book

Taking a rest between clients, sitting quietly I entered a 'waking dream.'  "A dark-haired young woman living in a forested area had discovered an hidden secret cult and became a victim to an undeniable horror. " 

It flowed like a movie and I was shown the ending; though, you'll need to read the book to see what I saw and was horrified.

The Story Unfolds

Joplin Missouri Tornado 2011 affected me  deeply, as have so many other natural disasters.  When the tornado hit I had been ill and bed ridden, I watched all the news coverage.  This event proceeded my waking dream and I've wondered if I was playing out that horror in the dream.

So I wrote this book outline and fleshed in the characters, cults, locations and how the story began.

She awakens after the tornado has hit her town.

The tornado has killed her family.  Her Grams has invited her to return to Washington State.  Her best friend Stacey travels with her to a new start.

Her friend disappears shortly afterward with strange circumstances. Carter delves deeper into the mysteries and secrets of her hometown to find her friend.  She meets a man who joins her looking for Stacey to an unspeakable ending.

Future Sacrifice Books 2 and 3

This Sacrifice book is a complete novel.  As with the 'waking dream' I again had visions for a second then a third book.  These books  and a brief story line will be added shortly with their own page.

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