Really? Dating Again?

Dating Advice


After 28 years of giving professional readings, I've noticed more than 50% of my clients are asking me for assistance with their "Love Life." Life is complex enough, and those who seek help are asking for an objective psychic consultation to give greater clarity, and understanding on how to deal with their personal "Love and Relationship" issues. Whether Dating, Living Together, Loving from a Distance, Engaged, Newly Married, Long-Time Married, Separating, Divorce, Rekindling an Old Flame, Lacking Love, Newly Widowed, Loving outside of Marriage and lastly (several cases) of having a Physical Relationship with a Deceased Lover. Truly a malfunctioning Love Relationship can disrupt, confuse, and cause depression to all other aspects of our lives. These are many of the reasons that prompted me to set up this web site and write this Dating book to bring more assistance to all of you seeking a better balanced love relationship.

Do you have an Crazy Dating Story?

Send me an e-mail  with your story, how you want your name show and give me a permission note included.  Send e-mail to .

If I receive enough I will create a 2nd Book of just amazing and crazy situations!

Lots of Chapters and Stories to Tell

You'll find as with my other books I give lots of help, details of situation and conclusions.  


Wanting to Date Again?

Look Into a Mirror - Who are you?

Your Wish List

The next big step - letting friends know - stepping out.

The Blind Date or Work Mate Connection

The Long-Distance Relationship

A Soul Mate:

What is He/She Really Saying?

Issues - single? Ex-Spouses, Money, Truthfulness

You don't want to be alone at Holiday Times.

He/She promises to Leave His/Her Spouse Any Day Now

Meeting a Widow/Widower - Living Up to the Deceased Spouse

Understanding Synergy: How we are brought together

So - what did that last partnership teach you?

How our children are affected by our relationships.

Asking for Psychic or Detective Help

Marriage in your future?

Dealing with the Breakup or Divorce

Recently end a relationship - wanting to know why?

Why do you seek out the same personalities?

My family will not support my choices.

Recovery, Grief, Owning Responsibility

Allowing Time to Heal - to stay angry    

or to let go

Getting Back Into Dating Again!!! 

She tells me, "I'm 83 in love and feeling like 13 years old again!"

Spirit Love and Sex!

Our Life Lesson is learning to Love.

At the end of your Life, no regrets   

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